A Blank Canvas


A blank canvas… it holds so many possibilities. It holds so much hope for what the finished masterpiece will be; the finished piece of art. Will the canvas be full of color? Will it be muted? Will it have a lot of movement or will it be a quiet subtle infusion of ideas and feelings? At the starting point of the blank space, there are endless possibilities.

This is how I approach every new space, every new design job. Blank spaces can be as large as a whole house to craft a plan for, or as small as adding new accents to update a room. At its inception each project is a blank canvas, a new start, a world of possibilities to create the perfect masterpiece called “Home.”

Here is my latest blank canvas: our new home store and design studio. As I stand here dreaming of the possibilities of what this space will become, what I will fill it with, how the canvas will change seasonally and with trends, I am filled with excitement to share my art, my craft, my process of filling a blank canvas, and the joy I find in creating Masterpiece Homes for my clients at Bay Hill Design.

our new home store and design studio

Come to our new Home Store and Design Studio to see our latest finds, and let us share how we are filling our new blank canvas with you.