Welcoming Spring!

Spring has finally sprung in Austin! We have been freshening up around the house and soaking up the sun as often as possible. Here are a few easy ways to freshen up your home after this long winter (crossing our fingers it isn’t coming back).


One of the fastest ways to make a big impact in a room is with pillows! Swapping out your usual pillows for ones with bold colors, geometric patterns, or floral patterns can totally change the feeling of a room and make it feel spring-ready. We are partial to the down-filled euro and always have them in stock – you can even design your own.

*all of these and more are in stock now


Nothing welcomes you and friends into your home like a lovely aroma.

First, open your windows and let in the fresh air! If your allergies can stand it you will love letting the outdoors in for a few hours. It will instantly lift your spirits.

Next, find a new candle. Look for candles with light scents like jasmine, orange, lemon, magnolia, lavender, or freesia. Don’t reserve lighting it for when you have company – enjoy it every day just for you or your family.

We also like to freshen up our drawers and closets with lavender sachets! We have some in-store now that are actually designed to hang on hangers.



Oh how we adore fresh flowers! And there is no better time to buy them than right now – tulips are in season and the price is right. Use unconventional vessels as vases around your house to add interest. We are partial to blue and white pottery and vintage brass urns.

For year-round greenery, we love preserved fresh boxwood. The wreaths look sweet hung over mirrors or windows, and draped around table lamps, and the balls look amazing in planters or bowls. They are in-stock now!


An easy way to bring in a new look is to update the photos around your house and add a few new frames. It is so meaningful to see cherished people and memories in your home – highlighting different ones can be a renewed reminder.

Happy homes!

Team Bay Hill